Glorious past, always present

Its construction of french architecture,
which started the era of skyscrapers in our country
took place in 1896 upon request of Porfirio Diaz, president of
Mexico at that time, who led its opening in 1904.

Its splendour contributed to enrich the active social and cultural life of the early century.

Hotel Imperial Historia

Majestically, the Imperial Reforma Hotel becomes the favorite point for great personalities. Taking the forefront in its time, it is the first hotel to open a night club, becoming a pioneer in its field.

Venustiano Carranza, Orson Wells and Cantinflas, among other great celebrities, left their mark and part of their ideals on the same walls… the walls of the Imperial Reforma Hotel.

Inspiration source

In the 30´s, the prestigious movie director Sergei Einsenstein stayed here. It was then when he found the atmosphere and inspiration he needed to make the first sketches of its famous movie “¡Que Viva Mexico!”

Official location of the embassy

Later on, in 1937, this important building became an embassy, reason why for the first and only time in its history did not offer hotel services.

The splendor rises again

Responding to the modernity needs demanded at that time, it was renewed in 1956. Retail units belonging to important Mexican celebrities were conditioned and its name changed to Francis

Historical Monument

The impressive building of the Imperial Reforma Hotel is an historical monument representative of the dignity of the Mexico City. Its invaluable architectural beauty amazes and welcomes the visitor with its everlasting splendor.

From Mexico to the world

This relaxing and warm atmosphere, its strategic location, near great business and cultural hubs, and the highly customized treatment it provides, have made the Imperial Reforma the favorite hotel for its distinguished business and pleasure visitors. Nowadays a well known professional group of experts in the hospitality business has the objective to make its guests feel as they deserve, attending every need and exceeding all their expectations, positioning it as a unique hotel in its category.

Hotel Imperial

For all of this and more, the Imperial Reforma Hotel is, and will always be, a legacy from Mexico to the world…